Friday, September 24, 2010

The Forest Factory

The Fabricated Forest lies Northeast of the Mansion.  To get there, wrap an oak leaf around a mechanical watch.  Wind up the watch and hold it to your ear as you exit the Mansion in the proper direction.  The ticking of the watch will deepen as you get closer.  The rustling of the leaves above you will match the rhythm of the watch.  You are going in the right direction.

You come upon a door in a hill at the end of the path that you are on.  The sound of gear-work within matches the bass-note ticking of the watch so exactly that you have to cup your hand around the watch to confirm it… and find that the watch has gone dead, the clanking down below is the only sound.

Enter the hill and close the door behind you.

You see the machinery that powers this part of the forest.  Thousands of translucent tubes carry the energetic mist which the leaves have made out of the sunlight.  The tubes thread between the pipes that are the roots of the trees.  Tubes and pipes converge on enormous mixing tanks where tree sap is made and pumped back into the trees.


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