Friday, December 25, 2009

A Pack of Your Clones

This large room has many cushioned chairs against the walls and clustered in circles. If you stay here for any length of time, another person — who looks exactly like you and who claims to be you — will enter the room. You will both have the same reaction at seeing each other, and will talk to each other, trying to make sense of things.

A little later, another clone will enter the room and join the conversation. More clones will enter until the room is full of chatting duplicates having a pleasant get-together with different conversations going on in different groups. Someone will find some food and drinks (including some good stiff liquor) and there will be a some music from a stereo (no question as to what kind of music to play).

If you leave the room — even momentarily — and enter the room, again, it will be empty. If you remain after the room is empty, another duplicate (who will have no memory of the previous party) will enter the room and the process will start again.


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